Selected Publications





2019  “Renee Zellweger” in Australian Poetry Journal

2018  “Royal Park” in Cordite Literary Journal

2017   "You Hardboiled I Softboiled," series of five pamphlets of poetry by Jessica Yu and Sam Riviere comissioned for Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh.

2017     "Archive" in Peril Magazine

2015 —  “Learning to Drive (Part One)” in Cordite Literary Journal

2015 —  “Advice from Everywoman’s Book of Love and Marriage and Family Life” in Cordite Literary Journal

2015 — “Durian” and “Cockles” in Mascara Literary Journal

2014 — “Rambutan” published in The Best Australian Poems 




2016 — "Boy Trouble" in Award Winning Australian Writing 2016

2016  "We Don't Use Language Like That" in Overland's Special Online Fiction Edition

2015 — “Keh Kut” in Award Winning Australian Writing

2015 — “Pillar of Salt” on the Melbourne Writers Festival Website in collaboration with Yarra Trams


2020 — Longform Essay in The White Review (forthcoming)

2020 — “Look What We Made Her Do” in The Saturday Paper

2020 — “The Hyphen of Immigration” SBS website

2020 — “A Conversation with Alice Pung” in The Saturday Paper

2019 — “When we say Smart Girl…” in Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture

2018 —“Author and Poet Jenny Zhang” in The Saturday Paper

2017 —"Blue Murder" in The Saturday Paper

2017 —"Finding Nino" in The Saturday Paper

2016 —"Jessica Yu reviews Forged from Silver Dollar by Li Feng" in Mascara

2015-6 — Monthly Faith Column with Right Now

2015 — “The Producer” in The Saturday Paper

2015 — “Living with the Cultural Elite of China” in The Lifted Brow

2015 — “Director’s Cut” in The Saturday Paper

2015 — “Are Australians racist?” in Yen

2015 — “Unofficial Eulogy for my Fat-Fat Ah Khu” in Kill Your Darlings

2015 —, "Relocating Desire: On Hmtl5 Parallax Scrolling and Digital Storytelling” in Desktop