Readings and Panels

April 2020 Guest Lecture for Creative Writing: Ideas and Practices at the University of Melbourne


February 2019 Presentation of academic paper at South West Popular/American Culture Conference

February 2019 Presentation of academic paper at British Commonwealth Postcolonial Conference 


September 2017 RMIT Author Conversation with Professional Writing and Editing students

August 2017 Reading of excerpt from novel at Edinburgh Art Festival

August 2017 Melbourne Writers Festival talk on the Short Story with Cate Kennedy

July 2017 ASAL Conference presentation of paper, "The Silent Treatment"

September 2016 — "Slide Night #4" reading with slide film photography at Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh

September 2015  — "The Next Big Thing" showcase and reading live at The Moat


August 2015  — Voicing Race “In Conversation” with Maxine Beneba Clarke and Adolfo Aranjuez at Melbourne Writers Festival


August 2015  — Triple R live poetry reading at Melbourne Writers Festival


August 2015  — 774 ABC Interview and Reading with Lindy Burns


—April 15, 2015  Reading at Emerging Writers Festival Program Launch


—May 28, 2015  Letters to the West at Emerging Writers Festival


— May 31, 2015 Protocols conversation at National Writers Conference


— June 5, 2015 Writing While Feminist Panel at Emerging Writers Festival


— August, 2015 Melbourne Writers Festival (30 under 30)